A Brief History...

In the late 1980’s, a Task Force was established to study the need  for an auditorium to serve the citizens of eastern Catawba County. At  the same time, the former Newton-Conover High School auditorium was in a  state of benign neglect and was being abused by those who were using  the facility. Yet it was the conclusion of the consulting architect that  it was a hidden gem which could be restored into a magnificent venue  for the community.

For a variety of reasons, it was decided that formation of a  non-profit corporation, all of whose board members would be appointed by  governmental entities, would be the best structure for governance of  the new auditorium. Financing was to be by a public-private partnership.  Three governmental units agreed to participate as follows: the City of  Newton, $400,000; Catawba County, $200,000; and the Newton-Conover City  School Administrative Unit, $50,000, largely in-kind. A ninety-nine year  lease of the auditorium, together with ancillary facilities, was  obtained for the protection of the public and the participating  governmental units.

This $650,000 was combined with $900,000 contributed by businesses,  individuals, and foundations, primarily from Catawba County, to form the  fund which was used to preserve, restore, and remodel the building into  the magnificent art-deco facility which we enjoy today and of which we  are so proud.  Newton Performing Arts Center, formerly Newton-Conover Auditorium is a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization. 

Building Supporters



Given in Memory of Julius Whitener Abernathy, Jr. and in the Honor of Christine Sigmon Abernethy by Friends and Family


Given by The Ridgeview Foundation


Given by McCreary Modern, Inc. & McCreary Frame, Inc. 


Given by The Moretz Foundation

Food Service Area

Given in Honor of Charles Hugh Moretz by Moretz MIlls, Inc. 

Properties Room

Given by Western Steer ~ Mom 'n' Pop's 


Dressing Room One

Given by Midstate Mills, Inc. 

Dressing Room Two

Given in Honor of Catawba Valley Community College 


Given by The Bolick Foundation 


Given by E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation 

Sound Control Booth

In Memory of Charles Long Sigmon and in Honor of Lura Belle Earnhardt Sigmon Given by Leslie C. Sigmon

Lighting Booth

Given by The Green Room 


Volunteer Office Suite

In Honor of Raenelle Bolick Abernethy 

Rehearsal Hall One

Given by Thomas W. Warlick

Rehearsal Hall Two

Given by Southern Glove 

Orchestra Pit

Given in Honor of Arletta and Phairlever Pearson 


Given by BB&T Branch Banking and Trust Company

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